The Process

  1. Initial screening

    As the skill cap for the English speaking companies in Japan are very high, we will conduct an initial screening of your profile to determine if there are any jobs we can introduce to you right away or if you would need to build some more experience beforehand. Generally the top companies are only interested in Senior level engineers when hiring from abroad. Exceptions can be made depending on your skills and passion for working in Japan though.

  2. A casual chat with a consultant from Career Craft

    Here we talk about the Japanese job market, companies and opportunities that could be interesting for you and what the hiring process would entail for each of them. We provide a deep insight into the environment and conditions for each company and help you out by providing additional information about the interviews to help you get an edge. We’d also help clear up any questions you might have regarding the process or working in Japan.

  3. Resume screening

    The companies you wish to apply for will conduct a separate resume screening. We will prepare you beforehand and give whatever advice possible regarding the points each company tends to look at.

  4. Interviews and assignment

    The process varies between each company, but as general rule of thumb, most Japanese companies have 1 coding assignment and around 3 interviews. We will provide you with insight and information to make sure you are optimally prepared for the interviews beforehand.

  5. Visa application and relocation

    It’s generally quite straight forward. Most companies have a set relocation system and offer you help directly in regards to the visa application and finding and apartment. For smaller companies where the support is lacking we would help you out from our side to make sure the move and settling into Japan is as smooth as possible.