Your best shot at finding your dream job in Japan

Career craft offers personalized support to help you navigate the entire process of finding your ideal job in Japan

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We guide you through the situation of the Japanese job-market and the job opportunities available for you, and when the time is right to apply we use our tight connections with the top level companies in Japan to give you the best shot possible at landing the job.

What makes us unique

Putting the individual first

Whilst good relationships with companies are important to us, we put our focus on the careers of individuals. Rather than the standard recruiter approach of “selling” a company or position, we focus on supporting your career by providing relevant information and personalizing the process for you.

Information providers

Our consultants bring extra value by always staying on top with the developments in the industry and provide the information and insight relevant to someone considering their future career. Both in the short and long term. We are always happy to exchange ideas and information.

A personal approach

Through our personal approach and the networks of our consultants, we offer flexible ways to connect with future career opportunities. If you are not ready to officially apply for a position we can help you connect casually with people inside the companies over a coffee and help you get better insight in how it would be working there.


Go Bold award from mercari

December 2019

We are honored to announce that in December 2019 Career Craft received a prestigious award from mercari Inc. for our support of their recruitment work. It was awarded to us over many much larger companies for our ability to introduce high performing candidates they could not find through any other sources.

We are truly honored to receive this award and we will continue to focus on being candidate friendly recruiters, since we truly believe this is what brings the most value to both our candidates and our clients.